Research Projects

Ongoing Projects


Title           [Improving safety of physical activity in cancer patients with bone metastases though the identification of high-risk situations (IDENT)]

Design      Survey

Sponsor    NCT Donations Against Cancer                                     

Time          2020 - 2021


Title           Project on exercise for fatigue eradication in advanced breast cancer to improve quality of life (PREFERABLE) – Effects of structured and individualized exercise in patients with metastatic breast cancer on fatigue and quality of life (EFFECT)

Design      Multicenter two-arm randomized controlled training intervention trial

Sponsor    European Commission EU Horizon 2020                                     

Time          2019 - 2023


Title           [Combined nutrition and physical activity intervention during anti-cancer treatment (INTEGRATION)]

Design       Multicenter two-arm randomized controlled liefestyle-intervention trial

Sponsor    Innovationsfond des Gemeinsamen Bundesausschusses

Time          2019 - 2022


Title           Effects of Kieser resistance training plus Kieser pelvic floor training vs. Kieser resistance training plus traditional pelvic floor exercise on urinary incontinence in prostate cancer patients after radical prostatectomy (RECON)

Design      Two-arm randomized controlled training intervention trial

Sponsor    Kieser Training GmbH

Time          2019 - 2021


Title           Feasibility of exercise as supportive measure for patients undergoing checkpoint-inhibitor treatment (Sportivumab)

Design      Two-arm randomized controlled safety/feasibility trial

Sponsor    NCT Elevator-Pitch

Time          2017 - 2020


Title           [Physical activity concomitant to neoadjuvant chemotherapy to improve fitness (BENEFIT)]

Design       Bicentric three-arm randomized controlled training intervention  trial

Time          2015 - open

Completed Projects


Title           [Optimizing the preventive effects of endurance training through increases in exercise intensity (TRAIN)]

Design      Two-arm randomized controlled training intervention trial

Time          2020 - 2021


Title           [Individual training prescription in patients with cancer (TOP)]

Design      Cross sectional study and four-arm randomized controlled training intervention trial

Sponsor    Dietmar Hopp Foundation   

Time          2016 - 2019


Title           [Differentiated resistance training for the paravertebral muscles in patients with unstable spinal metastases concomitant to radiotherapy (DISPO II)]

Design      Two-arm randomized-controlled safety/feasibility trial

Time          2016 - 2018 

Customer Profiles

Title          [Profiles of health club customers in Germany]

Design      Cross-sectional multicenter trial

Time         2016 - 2018


Title           [Reduction of cancer-related fatigue in patients undergoing Tyrosinkinaseinhibitor therapy (RECAP)]

Design      Two-arm controlled pilot trial

Time          2012 - 2015

Exhaustion Study

Title          [Change in physiological parameters over four repeated maximal cardiopulmonary exercise tests (Exhaustion Study)]

Design      Cross-sectional study

Sponsor    Postdoc-Program of the Potsdam University

Time         2010 - 2011

Supramax Study

Title           [Design and time point of a supramaximal verification bout to confirm maximal oxygen uptake in athletes (Supramax Stuy)]

Design      Cross-sectional study

Time          2010

Blood Lactate Threshold Study

Title           [Study on the effects of gas exchange measurements on blood lactate thresholds]

Design      Cross-sectional study

Time          2010


Title           [One-year study on time course of adaptations to endurance  training (TAZ)]

Design      One-arm training intervention trial

Time          2006 - 2007